General FAQ

FAQ – updated 2-11-2015

Hi! I want to take your photo off Facebook/twitter/tumblr and post it elsewhere!

Sure! 1 – let me know where it’s going. Maybe I’ll like it there. 2 – leave all watermarks and copyright notices intact and unmolested. 3 – I prefer that you share, retweet, or reblog, since that will take all pertinent information with the photo, such as where to buy the dress, who did the photography, etc. 4 – Link back to the post or page where you got it, please!

Hi! I’m a business who would like to send you a sample for review!

Lovely! Drop me a line at jennaofepicproportions at gmail dot com. I make no assurances that I will accept your proposal, nor do I promise that I will write a 100% positive review, but I will style, photograph, and review samples within what I hope is a reasonable time frame. Please let me know if time is of the essence.

Hey, you featured someone who is too skinny/fat/does not have epic proportions/is differently abled/does not meet my standards of beauty!

The point of this blog is that ALL proportions are epic proportions. My blog. My rules. My posts. I do not advocate sizeism of any sort. No “real women have curves” or “who wants a bag of bones?” or “tell her to eat a sandwich” or “put down the twinkie, lard-ass” will be tolerated in ANY segment of my online realm. Be nice or go home. Stay if you are willing to shut up and learn, or be nice to other readers.

Hi! I’m a photographer and want you to hire me to photograph you!

       Any photography is done by yours truly.

Hi! I’m a photographer and want to know if you are available for hire for photo shoots!

I am not a model. (Well, unless you are a photographer named Leonard Nimoy or Velvet D’Amour .) Thank you for your understanding.

BBC Sherlock or Elementary?

Sherlock. Obviously.

Will you be my friend on Facebook?

Facebook is for personal friends whom I know in real life, so no. I have removed all content from my Facebook page.

Hi! I want to follow you on twitter!

Not posting on twitter at this time.

Hi! I want to follow your Instagram feed!

Sorry, but mine is not public. I may figure out how to get a public one in the future, but right now, it’s for personal photos of friends and family.

Hi! I want to marry/meet/mate with/shag/have a 3-way/be your personal slave!

No. Taken. Obsessively monogamous. Socially anxious. Period. All messages, comments, or emails of this nature will be promptly deleted.

Hi! Can I have private photos of you?


Hi! Can I buy your dirty undies?