Why I Believe Bra-Fitting is a Feminist Issue

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Bras and Body Image

As most of my readers will know, I consider my blog to be primarily a lingerie and feminism blog. However, at least on my wordpress, feminism posts have been far and few between – my blog focus is usually on bra fitting and reviews. What I haven’t mentioned is that I consider bra fitting itself to be a feminist issue, and today I thought I’d take a minute to give a few reasons why.

Starting with the simple, the most obvious function of a bra is to support. This is particularly important, of course, for sports. In the words of Beckie from Busts4Justice, a well-fitting bra is “the difference between a sedentary life filled with self-consciousness and discomfort and an active one filled with trampolines”. For exercise, a well-fitting bra is absolutely crucial for many people, and yet most of them go without. Unsupportive bras mean bouncing and ligament pain, which discourages women from…

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These sets are so absolutely stunning! Too bad they’re only made for a fraction of the market, size-wise. Le sigh. Because I would totally pay those prices for these pieces.

The Lingerie Lesbian

So, I have this love-hate thing with Fleur of England: love their designs, hate that I can never afford it. Every season I find a new piece to sigh over– but this Jasmine collection might be the one that forces me to take the plunge because I cannot imagine my life without it. The lace! The sheerness! I am just going to melt to the floor in raptures for a little while, don’t mind me.

This is really the perfect wedding set, don’t you think? Nothing too complicated, but also totally special and beautiful.

I think of all the pieces in the Jasmine range, these briefs are my absolute favorite. I love the unusual shape of the lace pieces and how it looks like it’s resting on bare skin.

That soft boudoir bra is so delightful– perfect for us small-busted ladies (and I almost never say that about soft bras…

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If only Fauve didn’t stop at G. The fact that they do is simply heartbreaking to me. Also, come to think of it, I’ve never laid eyes on any of their bras in person. I’ve never seen them carried anywhere. Which is really too bad, many of their designs are exactly what I like.

Busts 4 Justice

Fauve Coco Mulberry

I love Fauve. Fauve is everything I want from my lingerie – it’s grown up, beautiful, elegant… and for some reason the orange Bronte longline coming this spring (below) is one of the most exciting pieces I’ve seen for G-cups in a long time.

Except… I can never make Fauve work. Not because I don’t have a long satin housecoat, or big glossy hair, or immaculately manicured everything (I mean, I don’t have those things either), but because I can never figure out the sizing. However much I love Fauve, I find it really hard to navigate to a size that works.

Take the Coco balcony bra in Mulberry. She is beautiful (although to be honest I could lose the little pearl/diamante caterpillar in the center – this isn’t Victoria’s Secret), she is elegant, and she feels like great quality. But in my usual size of 30G (and…

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I have temporarily turned off my inner grammar/spelling/punctuation perfectionist in order to repost a blog with an utterly perfect and brilliant message. THIS:

Pin Up Persuasion

Growing up I never had a problem with my body and how it looked. I never thought about trying to be like the superstars on screen or the models on television. I can safely say that I haven’t had many issues with how I look I have always liked what I see in my reflection. Oh sure sometimes I wish I was prettier or taller but never thinner, fatter or slimmer. Then one of my friends said that I had a male’s body image, in short, I think I look good in anything.

Then I went through a horrible illness that rocked my world and I had a taste of what my friends were going through. I hated what I saw in the mirror and just couldn’t keep up with my wildly swinging and bloating body. The dresses from Pin Up Girl gave me my confidence back and once again…

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Busts 4 Justice

Although Busts 4 Justice is generally UK/US focussed (as are many of my readers – hello), for nearly two years B4J HQ has been located in Amsterdam. It’s beautiful, bonkers; I’ve met some amazing people, cycled for miles through impossible pretty streets, had a lot of fun and learned so much since I’ve been here (except Dutch, embarrassingly). It’s so much more than I thought it would be: so much more than stoners and red lights. I love Amsterdam.

But I recently moved to the very center of the city, a heartbeat from the Amsterdam that most people know: the main drag of coffee shops and brothels. And though I love my house, the neighbourhood, my neighbours, the shops and the restaurants… amidst my ex-pat dream I have to be honest that I no longer feel safe walking home by myself. When I do, I am harassed by men (sometimes alone, sometimes in…

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