Blog Policies

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The purpose of the blog is information, not titillation.

You may find posts which are reviews, announcements, how-tos, discussions on the sociological aspects of size or sizeism, links to blog posts by others which I find relevant to the subject of this blog, or any other post which I deem relevant. The main focus of my writing will be on body size in females, specifically larger or curvier bodies, but certainly not limited to that. I do not endorse skinny hate or fat hate. I loathe the term ‘real women’ since all women are real women. And yes, some real women have penises. This may shock you, but not all women look alike! I do not give diet advice, nor do I encourage fat loss – that is up to the individual. I do not advise on health – that is your doctor’s job. I don’t judge people on what they look like – I give judgemental people the middle finger.

I swear on this blog, and talk about taboo subjects. I will not apologize for this.

Due to the volume of comments, many of which are insulting or stalker-y, I have decided to permanently disable comments on this blog.

Most items reviewed on this blog were purchased or received as gifts. I am willing to review items received as free samples at my discretion. All items will be styled and photographed carefully, with honest notes about fit, quality, and service, regardless of whether the item was free or paid for from my pocket. If an item is sent as a sample, that will in no way reflect the honesty of my reviews – a free sample does not guarantee a good review. I am electing to have this as my policy so that I hear from companies I might not otherwise discover, and no company is too large or too small for me to review. I reserve the right to not review an item that I feel does not reflect the tone, quality, or subject of this blog.

—–Jenna 2/11/2015

One thought on “Blog Policies

  1. LOVING this blog. I am a woman of similarly epic proportions to yours and am always looking for places with great fashion advice for curvy ladies who like their bodies! Looking forward to reading more.

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