These sets are so absolutely stunning! Too bad they’re only made for a fraction of the market, size-wise. Le sigh. Because I would totally pay those prices for these pieces.

The Lingerie Lesbian

So, I have this love-hate thing with Fleur of England: love their designs, hate that I can never afford it. Every season I find a new piece to sigh over– but this Jasmine collection might be the one that forces me to take the plunge because I cannot imagine my life without it. The lace! The sheerness! I am just going to melt to the floor in raptures for a little while, don’t mind me.

This is really the perfect wedding set, don’t you think? Nothing too complicated, but also totally special and beautiful.

I think of all the pieces in the Jasmine range, these briefs are my absolute favorite. I love the unusual shape of the lace pieces and how it looks like it’s resting on bare skin.

That soft boudoir bra is so delightful– perfect for us small-busted ladies (and I almost never say that about soft bras…

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