If only Fauve didn’t stop at G. The fact that they do is simply heartbreaking to me. Also, come to think of it, I’ve never laid eyes on any of their bras in person. I’ve never seen them carried anywhere. Which is really too bad, many of their designs are exactly what I like.

Busts 4 Justice

Fauve Coco Mulberry

I love Fauve. Fauve is everything I want from my lingerie – it’s grown up, beautiful, elegant… and for some reason the orange Bronte longline coming this spring (below) is one of the most exciting pieces I’ve seen for G-cups in a long time.

Except… I can never make Fauve work. Not because I don’t have a long satin housecoat, or big glossy hair, or immaculately manicured everything (I mean, I don’t have those things either), but because I can never figure out the sizing. However much I love Fauve, I find it really hard to navigate to a size that works.

Take the Coco balcony bra in Mulberry. She is beautiful (although to be honest I could lose the little pearl/diamante caterpillar in the center – this isn’t Victoria’s Secret), she is elegant, and she feels like great quality. But in my usual size of 30G (and…

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