Who Says that Bigger Girls Shouldn’t Wear Stripes? An Ongoing Rebuttal, part one

You know, I have heard this crap for ages: big girls shouldn’t wear stripes, because you’ll look even fatter. Your boobs will look even bigger. Just don’t.

Yeah? Well, pardon me, but I say Fuck That.

Because that’s just horseshit.

H&M slash neck basics stripe top 3/4 sleeve 2012 - laughingH&M slash neck basics stripe top 3/4 sleeve 2012 - close up

Rebuttal #1 for the day: H&M Basics shirt in a lovely cotton knit, black with with stripes, 3/4 sleeves, and a slash or boat neckline for both a conservative yet attractive look. This one ran me $12.95. H&M are jerks about how their website works, so I can’t really link you. I wish this weren’t the case. But anyhow, the Basics shirts come in this neckline, a crew neck, scoop neck, and V neck. They have short, long, and 3/4 sleeve options, depending on the season. The prints and colors change seasonally also, but you will almost always find these in some form of stripes, black, navy, and burgundy. I size down in these to get a proper cling on my waist.

Rebuttal #2 is also from H&M, and is also $12.95.



This is the scoop neck 3/4 sleeve in a broad stripe, which I love. They have this knit in a dress right now, too, but I haven’t bought one yet.

The bra is a 38GG Freya Deco (wrong size – Freya doesn’t make 36 H, J, or K in this bra, but apparently Bravissimo is giving them a run for their money on this bra body. I hope to report back on that soon.), and I find that these fabrics help keep The Rack Of Doom ™ in its fetters, er, bra properly. I have to adjust (read: re-insert back into cups manually) less when I’m wearing these shirts.

The shoes are my trusty Fluevog Listen Audreys in black patent. The jeans are Ann Taylor LOFT Curvy Straight Leg jeans in size 14 (review coming, I swear!). The earrings are Indian lac jewelry, and I’ve never found their like anywhere. The hair is a mess.

More H&M top reviews and several more dress reviews coming soon!

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